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Introduction and Preamble

Hoover Tyler Little League (HTLL) values participants of all skill levels, and strives to teach character, confidence, teamwork, and courage in a fun environment through quality instruction using the principles of Positive Coaching. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for every player to develop their baseball skills, have respect for their teammates and competitors, and achieve their individual goals. We will strive to teach life lessons along the way.

HTLL values coaches as mentors and teachers. Many coaches get started in coaching because they are excited about helping kids develop their potential. However, they can get caught up in a win‐at‐all‐cost mentality and focus exclusively on their win/loss record. This limited goal is not nearly as satisfying as coaching to help young people develop into successful people. It’s important to remember that being selected as a Coach or Manager for HTLL is a privilege, not a right. Each volunteer becomes the face of HTLL to our community, and therefore is expected to exemplify HTLL’s mission, goals, and bylaws to the best of their ability.

Code of Conduct

1. Representing Hoover Tyler Little League – Coaches and Managers shall always represent HTLL with the highest level of integrity and conduct, and strictly adhere to HTLL’s Mission Statement in all interactions with players, parents, officials, and other District competitors. Winning is not the goal; instead, inspiring each individual to return the following season to continue to develop, improve, and enjoy the game of baseball is the ultimate measure of a coaching staff’s success.

2. Playing Time – HTLL is a recreational league, not a competitive league. Mandatory minimum playing time rules are stipulated by Little League for Majors and Minor A and teams shall follow those rules.  In Minor B and T-Ball, coaches will ensure that all players receive equal playing time (offensive and defensive) in games throughout the season.

3. Opportunity to learn/experience different positions ­– Coaches should strive to expose and inspire each player to expand their comfort and experience levels. All players will be provided opportunity to learn and experience any position they express interest in, including pitcher and catcher. While safety concerns may limit these opportunities to practice situations, every effort should be made to continue to provide players with opportunities to improve.

4. Working with children –  In all practices and games, coaches will demonstrate understanding and patience and the ability to work with children. They must be sensitive to the range of physical and mental development of Little League-age children and recognize that the game is a vehicle for training and enjoyment, not an end in itself. Abusive, belittling, or other negative language by any coach toward any player, at any time, will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension and dismissal from coaching duties.

5. Display of exemplary levels of behavior at all times – Managers and all coaches are expected to maintain exemplary levels of behavior at all times while engaged in any HTLL activity. Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to: tobacoo or alcohol use in the players' presence during HTLL practices or games, vulgarity, uncontrolled temper, inappropriate physical contact with the players, and rude or disrespectful treatment of the parents, officials, and other volunteers.

6. Respect for umpires – Coaches and Managers in Minor A and Majors must never express any dissatisfaction with an umpire's call. Intimidation of any umpire or public displays of displeasure ‐ before, during, or after a game ‐ are not acceptable behavior. “Riding” or “razing” an umpire during a game is not part of the HTLL experience.  The only time it is acceptable for a Manager or Coach to approach an umpire during a game is for clarification of a rule or between innings with both Managers present to discuss an issue. An umpire’s judgment on the field is not subject to negotiation.

7. Respecting the integrity of the game – Coaches and Managers will not teach their players tactics or skills designed to circumvent the intent of the rules. The rules exist to protect the players and provide a common standard by which final results (where applicable) will be determined. While striving to challenge opponents, Coaches and Managers should not attempt to "beat the rules" or take any unsportsmanlike advantage over opposing players’ relative lack of mental or physical development.

8. Responsibility for family and spectator behavior – Coaches and Managers are responsible for the conduct of their players and respective family members while engaged in HTLL activities. Should a player or family member exhibit unsportsmanlike behavior toward an umpire or an opposing player or coach, it is the responsibility of the coaching staff to immediately address that behavior and put an end to it.

9. Field and equipment maintenance – Coaches and Managers shall take care of HTLL fields and equipment and are encouraged to get parent and player assistance in this responsibility. All equipment shall be cleaned and returned in good condition to the Equipment Manager as soon as possible after the season ends.

10. Knowledge of local rules – Coaches and Managers are responsible for reading and understanding the HTLL local rules for their division and the Little League International Rules, and are responsible for following these rules.

Code Violations and Coaching Evaluations

Complaints regarding violations of this Code of Conduct may be brought to any HTLL board member by any coach or parent/guardian of an HTLL player. When a violation by a coach or managers of the Code of Ethics and Conduct is reported, the following actions will occur:

  • The President shall schedule a meeting of the Board of Directors as soon as is feasible
  • The individual in question may attend the meeting.
  • The incident will be presented and discussed. All parties may contribute to the discussion
  • The Board of Directors will retire to a Closed Session for further discussion and determination of sanctions (if any)

The decision of the Board of Directors will be final. Pursuant to Little League rule XIV(a), the Board of Directors is the final arbiter. Sanctions for managers and coaches include but are not limited to: warnings, suspensions, ineligibility for participation in any All Star or league-sponsored postseason teams, or some combination thereof.

Updated 17-Feb-2020

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